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Nursing Job Opportunities in Germany


  • B2 german degree
  • Nursing Degree
  • 1-2 years of Experience discretionary Advantages
  • 28 days paid occasions for each year
  • Accomodation and nourishment will be sans given of expense to the first month
  • Assistance in discovering settlement will be given
  • Attractive pay rates
  • Only 40 hours of working for each week
  • Assistance for visa and nostrification
  • If required german courses will be advertised

Expected set of Responsibilities

Enrolled nurture regularly work in healing centers or outpatient offices, where they give hands-on consideration to patients by directing meds, overseeing intravenous lines, watching and observing patients' conditions, keeping up records and speaking with specialists.

  • Assessing and arranging nursing care necessities
  • Providing pre-and postoperative consideration
  • Monitoring and managing drug and intravenous implantations
  • Taking patient examples, heartbeats, temperatures and blood weights
  • Writing records
  • Supervising junior staff
  • Organizing outstanding tasks at hand

Visa charges and Preparing Time

  • Visa Fee – EUR 75
  • Qualification Assessment with ZAB – EUR 200
  • Document Verification is at the carefulness of the Consulate
  • Document confirmation cost is dependent upon Rs. 35000 for Hyderabad Applicants
  • Document check cost is dependent upon Rs. 45000 for Mumbai Applicants
  • Document check cost is dependent upon Rs. 25000 for Delhi Applicants
  • Processing time up to 1 a month and a half
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