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France is one of the amongst Europe’s largest countries. It finite by six countries alternative nations: FRAG, Kingdom of Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast, European nation and Italy to the southeast and Spain to the southwest. The United Kingdom borders France via a people Channel. The country is taken into account to be the entryway to Europe as there are a unit many massive international airports (two of those may be found in Paris), ferry terminals and also the French rail service. France is that the most well liked holidaymaker destination within the world. There area unit several reasons why numerous folks relish visiting the varied country, as well as the natural beauty, the wonderful climate, outside recreational activities like golf courses, art museums and galleries then way more.


The country has one amongst the foremost prestigious academic systems within the world, as well? Whether or not you're a private seeking college man studies, postgraduate schooling or one thing else, an incredible education will simply be found within the country. The colleges in France provide students the possibility to attend their establishments, on a full and half time basis, with variety of sophistication schedules and courses accessible. There area unit definitely myriad reasons why attending a school in France is appealing to those from round the world. These embody rock bottom tuition prices, the possibility to explore this wonderful country and also the good thing about receiving a number of the foremost prestigious education and coaching from prime instructors, however you'll be sure that the advantages extend way on the far side people who area unit listed on top of


  • 1. Paris Sciences et Letters analysis University (PSL)
  • 2. Ecole Polytechnique (Paris Tech)
  • 3 Sorbonne university
  • 4. CentraleSupélec
  • 5. École Normale Supérieure American state urban center
  • 6. Sciences Po
  • 7. University Paris-Sud eleven
  • 8. École des Ponts ParisTech
  • 9. University Grenoble-Alpes
  • 10. University Paris philosopher - Paris seven


French degrees area unit granted by a comprehensive network of upper education establishments and world-famous analysis centers. This network contains eighty eight universities, some five hundred "Grande echo less" - unambiguously French establishments that cowl over 240 engineering faculties and 220 faculties of business and management - fifty nine public faculties of Arts, in addition as several specialized faculties for specific sectors like fashion, welfare work, paramedical disciplines, commercial enterprise and sports.

The French degrees awarded area unit supported the E.U system of Bachelor, Master, and PhD, expressed in credits as outlined by the E.U Credit Transfer System (SECTS#41;.

France's eighty eight public universities cowl the whole vary of educational disciplines, from the sciences to technology to literature, languages, arts, social sciences, law, economics, management etc. However, the standard of the degree programs isn't compromised by low tuition fees; throughout, high international standards area unit maintained the least bit levels.

Private faculties of art and people connected with chambers of commerce and trade confer certificates or skilled titles.

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