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Latvia may be a multi-ethnic country and made in numerous cultural and education traditions. the upper education establishments in Baltic State area unit members of international cooperation inside many various fields of study. Baltic State offers analysis and teaching employees from many countries for studies similarly as research work. Universities conjointly provide each English educated tutorial and skilled bachelors and master’s degrees.

Tuition fees and living prices area unit typically not up to the prices in most "Western Countries". Universities area unit accepted for manufacturing top quality IT and engineering graduates. EU membership means a degree from Baltic State is appreciate different EU countries, creating it easier to urge credentials recognized. you'll have all the advantages of living in a very state with lower prices than several westernized EU Countries.


Latvian education offers a broad-based info and international perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and talent that may function a springboard to a brighter future. learning in Baltic State provides a chance for society exposure and private development. Baltic State remains a beautiful country for studies abroad in Europe because of :

  • Bachelor / Master/ degree level Programs educated in English
  • Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Government approved Universities
  • Exchange semester or spot abroad
  • Attractive Tuition Fee
  • On-campus accommodation provided
  • Moderate living prices


  • There area unit many English-taught courses in Latvian universities targeted at foreign students
  • The education is relatively cheap
  • The living prices also are below in several Western countries
  • A degree from Latvian University is corresponding to a degree from any EU country creating it valuable round the world
  • Latvia is understood for manufacturing high-quality engineering and IT students.


Its role as a cross way between its European neighbors also as decades of foreign rule has reworked Republic of Latvia into a rustic that embraces the achievements of alternative cultures, whereas maintaining a firm grip into the traditions that produces it distinctive. The culture in Republic of Latvia is a gorgeous prospect for college students World Health Organization want to expertise varied sorts of European influences.

The Culture

The culture in Republic of Latvia is deeply non moving in Latvian lore, that describes the strength of the love and also the attachment that Latvians have with their country of origin.

Latvia is dubbed as “the singing nation”. folks songs area unit thought of as national treasures, and area unit expressed through events like the world-renowned choral singing traditions and also the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration. The latter, that brings along over 40,000 performers nationwide, takes place each 5 years.

The Language:

Latvian is recognized because the country’s national language. It belongs to the Ind-European family of languages, and shares a definite attribute with Lithuanian idiom, within the sense that it's additionally non-Slavic and non-Germanic. because of its past association with the Soviet era, Russian is that the most-widely used minority language.


  • University of Baltic Republic, Riga
  • Riga Technical University, Riga
  • Latvia University of Agriculture, Jelgava
  • Turiba University, Riga
  • Riga Stradins University, Riga
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Valmiera
  • Rezekne instruction Institute, Rezekne
  • Riga school of Law, Riga
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga
  • Daugavpils University, Daugavpils
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