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The North American country was based in 1776, once the primary thirteen colonies were established on the Atlantic Coast. Today, it's a federation of fifty states. AK and Hawaii were the last 2 states and were enclosed in 1959. additionally to those fifty states, it includes: Washington DC (District of Columbia), the free Commonwealth of Puerto Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, mother Islands and a few Pacific Islands.

The USA is that the third largest country by space within the world (Russia and Canada square measure larger) and thirty times larger than No reg. it might take you 5 to 6 days to drive a automotive the four,500 kilometer from the Japanese to the western coast. From Canada within the north to Mexico within the south it's a pair of,500 km. it's regarding 304 million inhabitants. it's the third largest country by population. solely China and Bharat have a lot of individuals.

The country is split into four regions: the Northeast, the Middle West, the South and therefore the West. These regions square measure completely different in size, population, race, dialects and cultural background. as an example, food traditions square measure completely different within the four regions.


  • World category learning establishments with Endless study selections and Offers big selection of Degrees with chance to vary majors or decide on multiple specializations.
  • Worldwide recognition with advance scientific and technological analysis in production of innovative technological merchandise.
  • Land Of Opportunities -Job opportunities square measure a lot of, when put next to different countries.
  • Hands-on coaching prefer and CPT choices.
  • Financial Support is out there in most of universities like student grants, loans and stipends to hide daily expenses further as tuition in some cases.
  • US education system offers a sort of flexibility in terms of the courses that square measure offered, that permits to pick out the selection of subject from a spread of topics.


  • 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • 2. Stanford
  • 3. Harvard
  • 4. Calif. Institute of Technology (Cal tech)
  • 5. University of Chicago
  • 6. Princeton
  • 7. Cornell University
  • 8. university
  • 9. Columbia
  • 10. University of Pennsylvania


  • Graduate Record Examination for each Graduate Program
  • Graduate Management Admission Test For MBA Program
  • Scholastic Assessment Test for underneath Graduate Program
  • Test of English as an overseas Language for each Graduate Program
  • Intl English Testing System for each Graduate Program


When you trip the us, the third largest country within the world, you must be

prepared for love or money and everything. The country offers such a lot to be discovered, from the East to the geographic area and everything in between. The USA is well-known for its status and glorious action all told areas of studious analysis. a lot of laurels winners hail from the us than the other country.

The shut relationship between social science Associate in Nursing analysis stimulates and shapes an innovative teaching construct and dynamic learning setting that shouldn't be lost. The North {american country|North American nation} American teaching system is extraordinarily numerous and not regulated by the state. teaching establishments act autonomously and vie against one another.

Out of roughly four,200 teaching establishments, 2,500 universities and schools square measure in camera in hand. the standard of the upper education establishments will vary wide in each the standard facilities and teaching.

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